Lake Superior Jewelry U.P. Earrings

Yooper Goddess Store

Beautiful reflections of the U.P. are found in this solid copper disc suspended from sterling silver french style ear wires.
These earrings feature a tiny impression of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and have been given a rich patina to give it a darkened antique look.
The earrings measure approximately 18mm wide x 25mm in length when measured from the top of the ear wire arch to the bottom of the dangle. The copper disc is approximately the size of a US dime.
Each piece is individually created. The earrings you receive may have subtle differences from the photo in this listing.
Metal clay is a medium consisting of 90% fine metal particles and 10% water & organic binders. The clay like consistency of unfired metal clays allows one to design, shape, mold, carve, stamp etc. creating pieces as far as one’s imagination can take them. Once pieces are dried, they are fired in a kiln at high temperatures where 100% of the organic binders are incinerated and one is left with a pure metal piece. 


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