Rice Pudding & Raspberry Sauce

2 Cups Cooked Rice
½ Gallon Whole Milk
1 Stick Butter
1 Pint Half and Half
½ Cup Sugar
Pinch Salt

When you cook your rice lightly salt the water.

Put all ingredients in a heavy bottomed pan uncovered and cook this low and slow until thick, stirring occasionally. This could take a couple hours.

You can also add half of a Vanilla Bean (just throw it in) or a Cinnamon stic (wrap it in cheese cloth), if you buy the good Cinnamon stick they are really fragile, Ceylon is the best.

Did you know the Cinnamon you buy from the store is artificially flavored.  WHAT, did I just hear you just say Doubt It.  Well it’s true…….!!

Note: this recipe can be cut in half if so desired.

Raspberry Sauce

3 Cups Raspberries
¼ cup Raw Honey

You can thicken with Cornstarch if runny….Just mix 1 Tbsp. in a little water and add.  Don’t add a lot or you might end up with a thick mess.

You could use any combination of fruit you like.

Soooo Goood!