Finnish Currant (Raisin) Cookies

4 Cups Flour
1 Cup Butter
1 Cup Sugar
½ Cup Brown Sugar
2 Beaten Eggs
¼ Cup Milk
1 Tsp. Salt
2 Tsp. Baking Powder
Pinch of Soda
½ Tsp. Nutmeg
1- 1/2 Cup Currants or Raisins.

Mix Butter, Salt and Flour like Pie Crust Consistency.  

Add Beaten Eggs and Milk.

Add all other ingredients.

Roll out ¼” or as thick as you like.  I go a little thicker. 

Cut into desired shape, I use a glass about 2” round. 

Put the rim of your glass in flour, or you can put some oil on rim.

Bake 12 Minutes at 375 degrees on parchment covered cookie sheet.

These are great for the holidays, they freeze awesome and a nice gift if you are attending any dinner party.

You could substitute cranberries, they come in all different flavors these days.