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Thompson's products are made from premium, USA sourced ingredients to bring room filling, true to live aromas and long burn times to your home.

Thompson's Candle Co. has been making artisan crafted, super scented candles since 1997.  You will not find a better burning, stronger scented candle on the market today. 

The candles come in a muffin like shape which look so cute in any kitchen!

muffin candle- burns 60 hrs, 3.75 x 3.5 inches, includes a fluted tin candle holder


Apples & Cinnamon - Juicy red apples paired with spicy cinnamon
Applewood - Macintosh apples mingled with pine and oak aromas
Christmas Tree - Freshly cut pine
Cinnamon Bun - Buttery cinnamon rolls with sweet icing
Santa's Workshop - Cedar shavings and vanilla pipe tobacco


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