The Craft Cocktail Flight

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The Craft “Cocktail Flight” has smaller 4 ounce jars so you can try each flavor. The flavors included in the “Cocktail Flight” are Berry Blush, Cherry Citrus Smash, Paradise Punch, Winter Warmup and Hot Toddy. These individual jars produce about two to three drinks each and hold approximately 3 ounces of spirits. Don’t forget that they can be infused up to 4 times for maximum value though! All you would do is add additional spirits & infuse in the fridge for 3 days again. These make AMAZING gifts!!!


 How to make a Twisted Craft Cocktail:

Fill Cocktail Jar with the spirits of your choice

Refrigerate for 3 days to infuse

Shake well & strain

Enjoy drinks by adding with a mixer or sipping as is!


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