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Horizontal Bar Necklace

Yooper Goddess Store


Upper Peninsula engraved horizontal Stainless Steel Bar Pendant. w/ 16" or 18" sparkle stainless steel non tarnish chain with an additional 2" extender with new heart drop. Look of sterling silver without the high price. This is a heavy, high quality, Shiny, Non-Tarnish bar pendant, and chain all made of stainless steel. UP image is permanantly laser etched into the metal.Size: Pendant bar measures 1 3/8" long without jumpring, 3/8" wide (5mm), thick 1/8" bar.Chain: 2mm Stainless Steel Non Tarnish Sparkle necklace 16" chain. Stainless Steel: Is described as the color of platinum. Compared to sterling silver which is bright white, stainless takes on a more gray tone, or sterling that is given a patina.Please note that hand stamped jewelry/charms are naturally imperfect. This imperfection is part of the hand crafted, hand stamped look. Letters and images may vary in height for the hand stamped look.


SHIPPING: Shipped Priority Mail via USPS. It is insured and a tracking number will be provided.


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